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We strive to offer the best free PageRank and SEO Tools on our websites, we are currently working on a few more tools that will help make your website more popular, by using those tools to monitor learn how to improve your website value to search engines. We will soon open up our Web Forums, so you may get answers to your SEO questions. Please bookmark us and stay tuned for more valuables tools.


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PageRank is the system Google (the most popular search engine) uses to assigns value to web pages. The PageRank of a webpage is very important indicator of how well this web page rates against similar pages in its field. PageRank also has a direct correlation with Google's Search engine results. The higher the PageRank value the better chance it gets a higher position in Google's search results.
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GoPageRank.com helps webmasters keep up with the value of all their webpages PageRank values. We offer the utility below so you can check your webpage rank anytime you like, or better yet you can click here to get our small script to add PageRank to all your webpages.

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